The Dot Society

The Story
behind the dot society

The Dot Society was founded by 2 driven ladies full of enthusiasm and business mindset. Céline and Caroline got to know each other during their studies TEW at the university. Rather quickly they noticed that apart from their common interest in business, can-do mentality they also shared their love for cool and innovative fashion and lifestyle brands. While Caroline gained a lot of experience in the fashion industry while working for a big fashion agency. Céline choose a different path and acquired significant capabilities working for a first-in class digital agency.

Now several years (and tons of experience) later they stand together as power-duo at the head of the Agency. They are over the moon excited to share their knowledge around digital growth hacking with their clients. They simply want to enable great brands and products to find their way to mass market and scale up their online sales. This with an eye for long term growth. The Dot Society stands for for thinkers & do-ers, we strategize on your business ecuision and make sure a solid digital strategy is rolled out.