Introduce yourself and what you do in a few sentences?

Hi, I’m Tine, digital graphic designer and content creator at The Dot Society. I would like to describe myself as an optimistic and colorful person. Since my childhood, I have always been into crafting and creating things. That’s why I chose to study interior design at Thomas More Mechelen. After these three years, I was still not tired and wanted to get to know the world of graphic design. So I decided to study Visual Design at Luca School Of Arts in Ghent, in which I also graduated. After this I worked for 3 years in a coffee bar, but I decided to quit there and follow my heart by looking for a job in the sector I had studied for so long. And that’s how I ended up at The Dot Society. Since November 2023 I can call myself a real Dotter and I’m really proud of it :) 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I am not at work I love to spend my time with the people I love the most, my friends and family. On Saturdays you can find me at the Saturday market buying some delicious food. In the evening you can probably find me at the pub ‘De Gouden Vis’. This cosy pub in Mechelen is our tribal pub and feels like my second home. On warm summer evenings, it is my favorite place to linger with a good Aperol. On the other hand, staying at home and cleaning everything gives me some kind of peace too. But what exactly I like to do depends mostly on the season. In winter I usually crawl into my cocoon, while in summer I always want to be outdoors. 

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

My favorite thing to do after a long day is to pop into the couch with my two cats Pablo and Chili, and never come out again. 🐱On the other hand, I looove to cook for my friends and family. Since I worked in the kitchen of a coffee bar for 3 years I can officially call myself a kitchen princess! I really enjoy to cook delicious meals and organize dinner parties for family and friends, but I don’t much like doing the dishes afterwards. ;)


What led you to The Dot Society?

Together with my colleague graphic designer Kato van Hassel, I studied graphic design at Luca School Of Arts. When she had a job at the Dot Society I saw this appear and immediately started following The Dot on Instagram. I even secretly applied as an intern (with a wink to a permanent job of course) because I wanted to work in this team so badly.  A few months later when I saw the vacancy for graphic designer/content creator I took my lucky chance. Less than three weeks later I received a phone call saying I could start!  It was a dream for me as a young beginner to become part of this female entrepreneurial team, and I am still super happy to be part of this great team and to be able to develop myself even more and more everyday :)

Greatest life lesson someone ever told you?

Last Summer I was in Scotland and I bought myself a mini jar with a stone in it. The description of the stone was ‘helps you let things go’. Since I sometimes find it difficult to let go or not to care what people think, I found this stone appropriate for myself. Fun fact: I also bought the same jar for my mum, because she has the same ‘issue’. Sometimes it is she who reminds me that I cannot do right by everyone. But sometimes I’m also the one who has to say the same thing to her. She gave the designation to this: ‘no stick’. Which means pretty much the same thing: don’t stick to things you cannot change and sometimes you have to come to terms where to let it go. However I am not superstitious at all, the stone and its meaning helps me to let go more often and that is my biggest life lesson which I am trying to keep up.

How my team describes me in 4 emoji’s

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