Digital strategy

We’ll help you translate your business goals into a tailor made digital strategy and prioritize your must-take digital steps. This by defining a tactical digital approach across the whole customer journey (from aqcuisition to rentention). We create direct impact on your bottom line by reaching the right person at the right time with a message that is relevant for them.


A happy client is solid gold. Once you grow your database with qualified leads it’s of strategic importance you keep the engagement level high with those clients. The Dot Society helps you to create a tactical email marketing stratgegy with ultimate goal of increasing purchase frequency and customer lifestime value. Marketing automation is a crucial cornerstone in growing your business exponentially.


TikTok is the new kid on the block and is here to stay! Engaging video content is no longer a nice to have but an absolute must have. We’ll help you define a clear short video content strategy and teach you the trends, tips & tricks to go viral on TikTok. This with the ultimate goal to skyrocket your oranic growth & broadcast your products to a larger audience. An absolute plus: this content & strategy can also be used on many other social media channels that are moving more and more towards video, think: IG reels, YT shorts and IDEA Pins.

Business intelligence

To measure is to know. We’ll organize your data in a structured way so it can contribute to more insightful business decisions. We’ll help you analyse your data and set clear KPI’s & targets. We bring value by translating insights of your data into concrete action points with direct impact on growth.

Digital advertisement

With digital advertising, you’ll be able to target your ideal customer. You can create more brand awareness and acquire new customers as well as approaching your existing clients in a tactical way. We’ll implement a tailor made online marketing mix with ads that converts.



Organic social media strategy

When done right your own social media channels can also be a huge growth motor for your brands’ community. At The Dot Society we support brands with the definition of their content strategy across their different social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok & Linkedin). By defining a clear strategy and sharing concrete best practices per platform we take your organic social media channels to the next level.

Digital content creation

We know as no other that the quality of content we use is of crucial importance when aiming for growth. As true digital natives we know what is needed when it comes to the creation of extraordinary yet compelling digital content that converts. We ensure your brand identity and tone-of-voice is transtaled fluently across all digital campaigns and touch-points.

The Dot Society works in 4 phases to put the ideal marketing mix in place for your business.
The goal is to improve your business results.

Listening to your business needs

Audit of your current workflow & results

Developing a tailor-made strategy

Execute, analyze and optimize

Ready to take the first steps towards growth?

Looking for a partner to guide you through the endless possibilities on how to acquire more customers and improve your existing customer retention rate?


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