TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although the majority of TikTok users are young, there’s an increasing number of older users on the platform. Currently, 60% of users are over 24 years old, which makes it interesting for many brands. Moreover, due to the intelligent algorithm, it is much easier to go viral on TikTok. 

Are you curious about how to reach the general public in 2023? Which videos and trends attract the most attention? And how to get everything out of the algorithm? Then make sure to read on.

Content that inspires trust

TikTok displays content that is specific to a particular community and entertains people. But ultimately, as a brand, you also want people to take action, visit your website and buy your product. How? By building trust. Misleading ads and clickbait content with no value are history. As a brand, you can build trust yourself, but also by working with content creators and influencers. Their content is seen as authentic, they are recognisable and consumers trust that they have their followers’ best interests at heart.

Trend ideas:

  • Show don’t sell: tell personal experiences in a fun way (e.g. #pov).
  • Customer to creator pipeline: organic videos from fans can easily be amplified into influential ads (e.g. #tiktokmademebuyit). By combining authentic content with e.g. stickers and/or a product shop, you encourage users to visit your website and facilitate the buying journey.

Content that generates fun

2023, the aftermath of corona, is all about positive vibes. Both brands and creators need to respond to this need for joy and cheerfulness. It’s about fun in all its forms: humor, relaxation, luxury… e.g. give ideas on how people can enjoy your product in a way that gives them more time and space in their lives, or offer them light-hearted, entertaining content that makes them smile. This way, your brand will be more top-of-mind when making the next purchase decision. 

Trend ideas:

  • Wellbeing your way: provide everyday life hacks to make time and space for people to have fun (e.g. #innerchild, #hotgirlwalk).
  • Little luxury: show how people can reward themselves (e.g. #treatyourself, #unwindwithme).

Content that is community-driven

The TikTok #ForYouPage displays content that is very strongly linked to the user’s specific interests and tastes. Moreover, it creates small, niche communities of people who fundamentally understand each other (#SkinTok, #CleanTok, etc.). This strongly differentiates TikTok from other social media platforms. As a brand, think about which communities are interesting and with which content you can appeal to them. 

Trend ideas:

  • Ask TikTok: provide answers to questions in the community (e.g. #edutok).
  • Bestie Behavior: make videos of yourself during everyday activities (e.g. #getreadywithme).

Content that capitalises the momentum

Summer is coming, which also offers small and medium-sized brands the opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience. In fact, during the summer months, TikTok users spend 5% more time on the app. 

How do you make the most of this period? First, it is important to use trending hashtags. You can always find these in the TikTok Creative Center. Below are some examples of the most viewed summer content:

In addition, it is opportune to start/invest in advertising. You can create visibility and awareness among new target groups at a time when advertising is relatively cheap but engagement is high! This way, you are already planting seeds for the high season.


So, hopefully you are inspired to get started with these trends yourself. Of course, the Dotters are always happy to assist you!

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