Having first-party data (=data collected directly from customers by the organisation that has a direct relationship with them) becomes more and more important. Especially now when privacy regulations are getting stricter. That’s why it is important to invest in email marketing as a brand. Big question here is, how can I grow my mailing list? Well we got the answers for you, so keep on reading! 

Interesting to know is that every brand is different and so it’s best to build your email list where your ideal customer hangs out. Here is a list of tactical options you can implement to build  your mailing list. 

1. Sign-up forms

The most known way to gather email addresses is via a sign-up form on your website. Most of the brands using a sign-up form, implement a discount or another incentive (free shipping / free sample etc) to convince the customer to subscribe for their emails. Good to know is that people who see a sign-up form with discount are 190% more likely to purchase an item from your webshop (Source: Klaviyo). There are different types of sign-up forms that you can use on different parts of your website. More information on this can be found on the website of Klaviyo itself. 

2. Brand partnerships

Brand partnerships are always useful when it comes to gathering new subscribers or even new potential customers. When looking for a partnership it’s important to look for brands that are not your direct competitors but who’s products would fit with your brand. Besides that it’s also interesting to look for brands that are more well-known than your brand. This partnership can translate into different types of collaborations, f.ex: give-aways where people need to subscribe to have a chance to win, a co-branded email subscription on your website, social media content that both partners can use etc. 

3. Referral marketing

You don’t have to look far for the best people to make your email list grow, the people we’re referring to are your own customers. You can use a referral program (f.ex. Referral Candy) to give your customers a discount on their next purchase when they convince a friend to subscribe to your mailinglist. 

4. Quizzes

If you have a wide range of different products that need some more explanation, you can make use of an interactive quiz. For example in the beauty and health industry they use a lot of quizzes to make sure you buy the product that fits you the most. Here, you can ask for an email address in order to receive the result of the quiz. This way you can get to know your customer better and make sure they only receive relevant content. Besides that, once you have their email you can follow up with them in order to push them towards a first purchase.

After all, there are also a couple of paid ways to make people subscribe to your mailing list: 

  1. You can promote  your subscription and the incentive they are receiving via a paid campaign on Facebook. 
  2. Leadgen campaign: Klaviyo offers the integration with Facebook, meaning people will automatically receive a confirmation mail that can be customised to your own brand standards. Through the integration the information of the subscriber automatically goes into Klaviyo. 
  3. A contest: people need to subscribe as an entry requirement
  4. Influencer marketing: paying an influencer to encourage their subscribers to sign-up. 

After growing your mailing list it’s important to really use the information you have and maximise the use of your CRM system. Here you can find how you can maximise your conversion through marketing automatization. On the other hand it’s important to send at least 2 relevant mails per month to your engaged subscribers. To keep your subscribers engaged it’s important to only send out emails to your customers that are relevant for them. That information you gather a long the way for example via a quiz on your website. Here you can find some best practices to boost your newsletter. Finally, it’s important to sometimes clean your database, which is possible via sunsetting

Curious on how to put all of the above in practice? Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are a golden Klaviyo Partner and happy to work out a tailored strategy for you and your brand!

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