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Meet The Team: Favourite podcasts of the Dotters

Thank God for podcasts! Especially now as we are in a second lockdown and again limited in our social contacts. Back to working/staying at home and that means the extra free time that we will have to fill in in a different way. Because our standard schedules are shattered, any moment can be podcast time. This gives us an alternative to the endless Netflix binge evenings on the couch! We, the Dotters, are also big fans of podcasts and are happy to share our favourite podcast of the moment with you. 

Caroline’s favourite podcast

After reading the book: the four hour work week I discovered the podcast of the author Tim Ferriss: The Tim Ferriss Show. Each week, Tim invites different experts, coming from the world of business, to discuss in-depth different topics such as strategies, techniques and how more efficient you are as a person/company and still achieve your goals. Closer to home you also have 50Koffies. Created by Nadia and Yana just before the lockdown, in which they interview female entrepreneurs in different industries. 10 different themes will be addressed during the 50 podcasts: finance, personal growth, female empowerment, networking, technology, business development, creativity, media and people management. This podcast appeals to me enormously, because you will get tips and tricks from other Belgian female entrepreneurs and you will also hear how they dealt with certain difficult situations.  

Céline’s favourite podcast

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. She is the founder of Nasty Gal, a woman’s fashion retailer.  In 2016, she was named one of the richest self-made women in the world by Forbes. Each episode Sophia invites other inspiring women on what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business. Expect super open, honest and sometimes hilarious conversations. Next to that I also spend hours and hours in my Blinkist app. This is an app which gives you short summaries and main highlights out of a huge inventory of books. That way I manage to read a lot of books and get a whole lot of insights with just a little bit of my time. 

Chloë’s favourite podcast

Masters of Scale. If you ask me, entrepreneurship and startups are often underestimated by the general public. Having a business idea and starting a small business, is one thing. Scale up the business, rethink your model and daring to take risks on a large scale is something else. Too often we assume that every company was directly on the market with the perfect business idea even though this is almost never the case. Entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error, and that’s what the Masters of Scale-Podcast explains as well. This podcast is telling you the most successful but also failed entrepreneurial journeys of various startups. Think of Airbnb, Nike and Mailchimp.  What I especially admire is the perseverance and flexibility of these people. It gives me inspiration and motivation to take a step into the entrepreneurial world myself. Highly recommended for those with startup jitters in them! 

Lieselotte’s favourite podcast

Jay Shetty’s ON PURPOSE podcasts are nominated as the #1 health podcasts in the world. If you ask me, this is no surprise. The way he explains real-life struggles, are just so relatable that you can’t and don’t want to stop listening. Whether you have work problems, relationships problems or you are just struggling with yourself (and this can really be anything), Jay and his many guests (like Khloé Kardashian, Kristen Bell, Kobe Bryant, Matthew McConaughey and so many more) give you the right tools, inspiration and motivation to tackle them all. Are you ready to change your life? 

Axelle’s favourite podcast

Superwomen from Rebecca Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer from the USA and is the founder of the “Female Founder Collective” since 2018. The Female Founder Collective is a network of companies run by women who help other women on social and economic topics. From her curiosity about learning from other inspiring women, she started making podcasts. In her podcasts each week she invites other successful women, from CEO’s to artists and sportswomen, to share secrets to help let your inner superwoman shine. 

My favourite episode is “Written in the Cosmos: Jessica Pels of Cosmopolitan Magazine”.

Cato’s favourite podcast

The Business of Fashion Podcast. The Business of Fashion is known worldwide as the essential daily source of information on all aspects of the fashion industry. In addition to providing interesting articles, they also offer instructive podcasts that you can listen to via Spotify. In this way, you stay up to date with the most important issues the fashion industry is facing on a daily basis. These topics are, of course, very relevant and range from sustainability and digitalization to the consequences of the corona crisis for the fashion industry. My favourite episodes are: ‘Lily Cole on Why the Fashion System Needs Reform Now’ & ‘The Future of Digital Commerce’. Highly recommended if you want to immerse yourself in the key challenges for fashion companies worldwide!

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