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Everyone can still remember the very beginning of Facebook: create a profile, post photos and share status updates. That was in 2010, where we were already using Facebook as a platform to connect with our friends and family. But today, social media is about much more than that. Today, social media forms an important connection between consumers and brands. It’s a way to reach your consumers, to communicate with them and eventually make them buy. And this trend will only continue as the new normal, as we enter the era of social e-commerce.

Social e-commerce, what’s that again? Social e-commerce is the integration of an entire e-commerce platform into social media. This way you can easily and quickly make a purchase without leaving your favourite social media platform. And it is precisely here that social e-commerce makes the difference compared to classic e-commerce. Today, social media is used to collect qualitative leads to an online webshop on a third party website. This means that, as a consumer, you have to take various steps and the chance of dropping out is all the greater. With social e-commerce, this risk is much smaller as it is one seamless and smooth transaction. In addition, as a consumer, you also feel personally approached as you get to see the items that match your personal preferences. Previous research has proven that 75% of consumers are more triggered to buy something when they are exposed to personalized marketing content.

Chances are you’re already using a form of social e-commerce today: do you sometimes look for outfit inspiration on Instagram and do you regularly end up on the Facebook shop of one of your favourite brands? Or have you already purchased something yourself by means of a buy button on social media or by means of shoppable stories? Then you have already experienced social e-commerce to some extent! Just one more step, where you completely fulfil your purchase on social media, is still missing but is being tested.

A good example of a rising social e-commerce platform is the Belgian app Avail. Here you can find the latest shopping trends with a lot of local brands. In addition, you can view other people’s outfits and you can also share your own outfits. What’s more, you can immediately view all the items with the corresponding price & brand and thus easily proceed to purchase. Today this still happens on the site of the brand itself, but Avail is working hard on in-app purchases, which is very interesting for both trader and consumer.

Looking to fully expand your social e-commerce? The Dotters are happy to help you!

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