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The brand new feature of Instagram: Instagram Guides

After Instagram Reels, Instagram Shops and IGTV,  a new feature can be found on Instagram.

Instagram has launched a new concept for sharing brief, scrollable content: Instagram Guides. But how does it work and what are the benefits for you as a company? Let’s jump right in! 

What are Instagram Guides?

The new feature provides Instagram users with an easier way to share and consume useful recommendations and tips in an easy-to-use format.

Initially, Instagram had only enabled the Guides feature for a limited number of health and wellness defenders, in an effort to provide resources for people struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. But now this feature has recently been made available to all Instagram users.

How to create an Instagram Guide?

But where do you go from here? To create your first Guide, tap the plus icon at the top right of your profile page and select “Guide”.

Next, you have three different formats for your Guide, which we have listed for you below. Each different format is designed to meet the needs of its creator. 

  • Places:

This format is ideal for sharing your location-based recommendations, from city guides to restaurants and cafes.

  • Products: 

Here you can share your favourite products with your fans and followers. This format can only be used to catalogue products available in an Instagram Shop. This is a useful format for brands or companies that want to add extra context or comments to their products available on Instagram. It also opens up new opportunities for influencer partnerships, as anyone (including influencers and brand ambassadors) can use this tool to compile a list of recommended products.

  •  Messages: 

These can be used, for example, to create a series of Instagram posts (that you’ve already created or saved) with custom titles and comments. This is a very versatile format that can be used to share ideas, tell stories and give advice or guidance.

Where can you find an Instagram Guide? 

To access an Instagram Guide, go to a creator’s profile page and select the new Guide icon (see screenshot).

Guides can easily be shared on Instagram Stories or with other users by clicking on the paper aeroplane icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen:

Benefits of Instagram Guide for your business

Now, what advantages can this new feature offer your company? 

Instagram Guides create a whole new way to manage and consume content on Instagram – offering huge opportunities for storytelling and e-commerce on the Instagram app. For example, Instagram Guides can also offer additional opportunities for influencer marketing. You can then choose to work with an influencer who will include your company’s products in, for example, a gifting guide for the coming Christmas period.

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