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How to respond to positive & negative reviews

Buying a new phone, visiting a recently-opened restaurant or booking your next holiday? Before we proceed to the actual moment of purchase, there is one thing we all do invariably: checking the online reviews. 

As these reviews are based on genuine experiences of existing customers, we all attach great importance to these opinions. We see this as credible advice which plays a very important role in our purchasing process. Existing research has proven that 93% of all consumers are heavily influenced by online reviews. Therefore, it is obvious that you, as a business, should react actively to both, negative and positive, reviews. 

We can already see the questions popping up in your head: how do I react correctly to these messages? Won’t these negative reviews influence my company image? And how do I actively work on my online business presence? Well, The Dotters are here to the rescue: we are happy to share a few tips & tricks with you, so this all becomes a piece of cake!

Hooray a positive review, but what to do with it?
Apart from the fact that these reviews are already a plus for your company, it is crucial to provide an appropriate response. In this way, you can make even more use of the opportunity of building a positive online reputation.

How to do so? Implement these four steps:

1. Thank your customer
When a person is leaving a positive comment, he also wants to be appreciated for his effort. Therefore, you should take some time to personally thank your customer. You don’t have to work out an extensive epistle to do so, a brief personal address and a word of thanks is already sufficient. 

2. Highlight your strengths
It’s important to not forget to reiterate the positive points made. In this way, you will once again have the opportunity to put your company, and its unique qualities, in the spotlight.

3. Mention your business name

These reviews could also positively influence your SEO-ranking. By adding your company name, in combination with the positive comments, will result in a better SEO-position. On top of that, more people will come across these positive reviews when looking for experiences with your company. Nothing but benefits! 

4. Spread the word
You should also encourage your satisfied customer to action as well! Invite your customer to visit again or ask him to share this pleasant experience with his friends & family. Don’t forget: word of mouth advertising remains the most efficient form of advertising! 

Damn, a negative comment! How to handle this?
It’s true that a negative review can really ruin your good mood. The most important thing is knowing how to deal with it correctly. Stay calm, take a breath & follow the next steps. This way, you can prevent such things from happening again. 

1. Start by apologising
First and foremost, it is important to start with your sincerest apologies. By doing so, the consumer feels personally appreciated and you, as a company, show that you value his/her feedback. Make sure that you are always using a positive tone of voice, so the atmosphere of the conversation is set. 

2. Emphasize that this isn’t the regular way
As this conversation is shared with the entire world, it is crucial to stress that these negative experiences are not the norm at your company. In this way, you can once again highlight your positive points. Think of expressions such as ‘normally the quality of our sweaters is exceptionally high because of the ecological cotton we use’. 

3. Continue the conversation offline
In the context of building a well-founded customer relationship, it is important to find an appropriate solution together with the consumer. As each situation is different on its own, it advisable to continue the conversation one-on-one with the customer offline. 

4. Never, ever delete!
What is absolutely not done, is deleting a negative comment. This gives the consumer the impression that you don’t value his feedback at all. In this way, the consumer is left dissatisfied, and it will be impossible to build a profound relationship. On top of that, people won’t trust your company anymore. We think it’s clear: don’t go there!

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We hope that these tips will help you through these slightly difficult situations. Still some struggles? Just call the dotters!

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