Don’t miss any sales during the Holiday period! 

In this article, you will find relevant information to get ready for the holidays! Because this is a promising and at the same time challenging period for all of us, to get that target for 2020. This requires good preparation and we will be happy to help you with that. Together we sell even more successfully.  

Selling prognoses are made for Belgium & The Netherlands, that the customer will buy x2.1 more online than previous years. (Source: 

Peak periods 

Check our canvas to double-check the busiest days during this November and December. 

Pinpoint following days on your calendar and plan your marketing campaigns around them: 

11 November – Singles Day 

27 November – 30 November: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

5 December – Sinterklaas 

25-26 December – Christmas

Selling prognosis 

Look at your numbers of the previous year and analyze the data. Which type of products sold very well during the holiday season? Make sure your stock levels are sufficient to serve your clients during this period. Nothing worse than being “out of stock” after 2 weeks during peak period. Think about all the revenue you could have earned. 

Therefore it’s important to dive into your selling data: 

  • How many items did I sell in 2019 during November/December?
  • Busiest days on the e-commerce website
  • Type of products
  • Return rate? (important to analyze, before selling those types of products again)
  • Type of customer (age, gender, country, interests,…) 

Deep-dive Black Friday 

The most important selling campaign during the Holiday season is Black Friday. 

How to prepare yourself to maximize your return in this period? 

  • Define your offer and prepare your back-office system. No need to include all products in the Black Friday offer, but just a top selection. (a combination of bestsellers and slow sellers). Bestsellers to attract customers and slow sellers to reduce stock levels
  • Optimize your landing page: create a unique collection or landing page, where people can see the offer loud & clear, combined with all the products to minimize your checkout funnel. 
  • 360* marketing campaign: Include all your channels to spread the same message. 
    • Social media organic: here you can work with Instagram stories & communicate stock levels to create scarcity. Or: “almost finished”
    • E-mail marketing: More e-mails than usual to your loyal customers. Start with explaining the Black Friday offer. Every day you can highlight some products. Make sure you’ve installed automatic abandoned cart e-mails! Those are highly efficient & effective to get people back to your website and convert. 

So, How to prepare? 

  • Fill in your marketing calendar & create 4 themes around those days. (Black Friday, Christmas,…) 
  • Create content for each theme
  • Prepare a landing page for each collection/theme 
  • Define your targets 
  • Define your media mix and prepare content for each channel: 
    • Organic social media 
    • Paid social media
    • Google 
    • Facebook/Instagram shop 
    • E-mail marketing

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