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Bel Friday

You’re probably frowning in front of your screen right now, because of Bel Friday? Don’t you mean Black Friday? No guys, Bel Friday it is!

In times of Covid, local shopping is more relevant than ever. And it is with this motto that the initiative Bel Friday was set up. From Friday 30/10 till Monday 2/11 Belgian online and offline retailers are put into the spotlight. 

This is clearly with a wink to the well-known Black Friday-phenomenon, where major brands are offering gross discounts on their products. It’s here that Bel Friday wants to make the difference. Coarse markdowns are not central here, but personal customer relationships are. Look this weekend for the shops with black-red-yellow sings and marked with #shoplocal. They will welcome you with open arms. You will get a discount, a small present or a surprisingly fun deal!  

Of course, this action is not only about getting something out of it. It is also the perfect moment to contribute to a “better” Belgium, to give something back. And with this ongoing battle against the coronavirus, there was decided to choose for the Belgian Red Cross organization as the good cause of this first edition. Their volunteers are working against the clock to take some pressure off the hands of healthcare workers. Therefore, every participating retailer is giving a part of their earnings to the Belgian Red Cross organization. The goal is to collect 100.000 euro in total. Talk about a financial boost! 

Even though it is only the very first edition of Bel Friday, we already see some big Belgian names coming up such as CKS, Torfs, JBC and Zeb.
Not only bigger retailers in the Belgian market can participate, businesses of all sizes are encouraged to take part. Even for smaller brands, there are multiple positive advantages. One of the many advantages is brand awareness. 

You weren’t aware of this action, but you think it’s quite interesting for your business?
Well, let your clients know that you are a local player as well! Add a nice call-to-action to your marketing-visuals or your social media copy and let the world know that you are a PURE and PROUD Belgian brand!

Want hier, daar kiezen we samen voor!

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