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Algorithm Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular and the number of users is increasing significantly every year. You can share, talk, react, respond to others’ posts, and connect with business folks from different industries. Essentially it is a B2B social media platform, but both B2B and B2C brands can benefit from the platform. As Instagram stands for sharing photos, Linkedin stands for making connections. What Linkedin is well known for is its organic reach. Even without spending money on advertisements, your brand will gain more brand recognition. 

Yet, there is one caveat with the algorithm of Linkedin. Luckily, the dotters have some tips on how to beat the algorithm. 

How to do this? Let’s start with the following tips!

Quality score

LinkedIn works with scores. When you like, comment or share a post, the post earns points. According to those points, the algorithm and visibility are determined. What creates more visibility?

  • Likes: 50 points
  • Comments: 100 points
  • Shares: 25 points

Therefore, make sure you get as many comments as possible on your post by for example: ask a question to your community in your post.

Dwell Time

LinkedIn also looks at the “Dwell time”. This is the time people stick around to see your post. The higher the dwell time, the better and more people will see the post. How to increase this? Read on! 

Best time

The first hour of your post is crucial. You have to consider the timing of posting your article. Below you can see the best times for a post on LinkedIn.

→ Best time: Wednesday between 8.00 – 11.00 hours

→ Next best: Tuesday – Thursday between 9.00 – 14.00 hours

Typ of content

LinkedIn gives you multiple types of content to choose from. But which type of content works best? Text-only posts work best, they have 20% – 50% more views. Even up to 50% better than posts with text and images. If we look at video posts, these get 10% to 40% fewer views. The quality of the video is very important. 

The platform gives the lowest priority to link posts. The reason for this? They want to keep the users on the platform. They get up to 80% fewer views than other types of posts. To solve this, you could write an article on the LinkedIn platform. This allows you to post a full article and keep the users on the platform. 

The best working posts are document posts or slideshows. This work 50 % to 80% better than other types. These posts are highly valued by the LinkedIn algorithm because users stick longer to the post so the Dwell time is higher.

If we look at businesses who want to boost their LinkedIn post organically, you should have your whole team share the posts on their personal LinkedIn. Next to that, you should like and respond to each other’s shares so your posts get a higher score. 

If you have more ideas on how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm, share your findings!

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