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Pinterest Best Practices

As you could read in one of our previous articles, is Pinterest-ads a very emerging advertising platform that we should definitely keep an eye on. Besides the fact that advertising here brings a number of interesting benefits, such as creating brand awareness and attracting consumers early in the funnel, and the relatively limited competition, there are also some best practices that you can implement organically. In this way, you can grow your organic Pinterest profile, but your paid ads will also be positively impacted by this. 

How to do this? Let the dotters advise you on that!

Let’s start with some content recommendations:

  • When you scroll through your feed, you will immediately notice that quite a few images contain text on image. This can be in the form of a logo, but also in the form of a CTA (“Discover more”) or an announcement (“New collection”). This way your pin will catch the eye of the online consumer faster. 
  • Do you have your visual available in a rectangular portrait format as well? Well, then we strongly recommend you to use this format (600×900), simply because this is more screen size so it attracts more attention. 
  • Or even better, do you have a video at your disposal? don’t hesitate, and definitely turn it on too! Moving images or GIFs are recommended on any advertising platform. 
  • In addition to the visuals, the importance of titles and descriptions cannot be underestimated. The use of hashtags in your description is highly recommended and in addition, you can also use pretty valuable keywords for this. This can be in line with your SEO on your website for example. If you have no idea which terms are particularly relevant to your own pins, try typing a few related words into the Pinterest search bar. you’ll soon have some inspiration :-)

In addition, there are a number of recommendations you can implement while pinning or creating boards:

  • Share as a brand only qualitative pins in order to provide your audience with valuable content. 
  • When you are creating boards, you need to make sure that you only pin relevant content to your board. On the other hand, creating closely related boards is also strongly discouraged (ex: new dresses – rose / new dresses – rose with glitter). In this case, it is better to merge the different boards into one.
  • Adding others pins to your boards is best limited to 15-25 pins a day. It’s advisable to pin throughout the day, rather than dump a bunch of pins once a day. 

So, now you have again inspiration and recommendations for your organic Pinterest account. Do you have any questions or are you interested in paid advertising on this channel? Just call the Dotters!

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