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WhatsApp Shopping

Lately, we’re seeing new features popping up everywhere as a reaction from many platforms to try and stay relevant in the fast-moving digital environment. 

Especially with the global pandemic going on at the moment, businesses are constantly being forced to rethink their online services. Online shopping is here to stay and we all know this will increase significantly this year. How can we make this online shopping experience even better, shorter and more convenient? The number one question of the year!

As we’re soon expecting the launch of social e-commerce (read all about it in our other article), other platforms are moving in the same direction. WhatsApp, the go-to messaging app for personal and business-related communication, has announced a new interesting feature. 

WhatsApp feels like it has a lot of potential to help make a better connection between businesses and consumers. Their research has shown that “people prefer to message a business to get help and they’re more likely to make a purchase when they can do so.”

Interesting, because this is where WhatsApp can really make a difference, especially for small businesses, as they’re saying, who have been impacted the most by the COVID19 crisis.

Meet WhatsApp Shopping, a new way for people to discover products and make purchases right from a chat. This means, there will appear a new button in the app: the shopping button. Customers can access the button directly from their chat with you. By clicking on the button, they will have access to your product catalogue. This way, they can directly explore all the available products, ask questions if needed (and get fast answers) and finally make a purchase – all in one platform. 

To make this button available to your customers, you must create a business account on the WhatsApp Business App and set up a product catalogue. Simple as that.

Since we all know that personalisation will be a key factor of this year’s online shopping experience (read all about the other trends for 2021), this new feature could be a convenient way to make this happen for your business. Your direct messaging inbox on Instagram and Messenger will finally be less exhausted and – as a bonus – you will have a simple way of integrating a personal customer touch with a sales-boosting aspect. Win-win, right?

We are really looking forward to the launch of this new feature!

What about you? Sounds like an added value to your business?

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