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Accelerating data-driven brand strategies by Vogue for Business

As you might know already, the Dotters never take a decision randomly. We always use available data to decide strategically and well-thought. And let this be the exact subject of Vogue for Business latest webinar, in collaboration with Zalando & Karl Lagerfeld. We are happy to give you a quick update on the most important insights.

High-end fashion in a digital marketplace, is this possible?

Very sure it is! “Online has always been part of Lagerfeld’s DNA as we were already digitally active in 2012”, as explained by Michele Pilati, Head of Digital Transformation at Karl Lagerfeld. However, the digital evolution which was planned over a period of years has accelerated in 2020. The ultimate way for Karl Lagerfeld to be & stay close to the customer was by joining the Zalando-Family, without losing their true brand identity. 

This offered them the opportunity to collect a lot of data. You may have as much data as you want, but make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by all these figures and numbers. Some tips to put this into practice:

  • Read through the data & understand what the data is proving
  • Deep-dive to know who your customers are & what they are looking for
  • Adjust your offer, content, copy and campaign based on their wants and needs

Also, Zalando understands the immense value of all this data. But since they are a central point of a large number of brands, they could add some additional insights to this:

  • Because of that ‘one virus we had to deal with in 2020’, they noticed that Zalando more often became a place to scroll & get inspiration, and not always to effectively make a purchase. In this way, also the customer engagement grew as the utilization-opportunities became more varied. 
  • In the enlarged customer journey, from discovery until conversion, the onboarding process of the customer remains key. The key driver over here is delivering a tailored experience. As explained by Andreas Antrup, Senior Vice President Marketing at Zalando: “Fashion is about the unexpected. Let customers discover something new, which fits with their preferences”. 
  • The value of 360-degree marketing campaigns only increases. By leveraging data, brands can bridge the gap between reach out to new customers down to seeing them convert. 

How will all this evolve in 2021? Both gentlemen made a number of predictions:

  • New Zalando users love the online experience and will continue to buy online even though offline stores will reopen.
  • We evolve towards a digital-first mindset. By 2023/2024, a crucial inflexion point will be reached where mobile purchases will account for 57% of the market share. 

The Dotters are ready to dive into the data and to get ready for the upcoming digital challenges. Let’s grow digital together.

Source: Zalando

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