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Pinterest’s new shoppable pins

Picture yourself scrolling on social media and see a product you love but can’t find it anywhere. Sounds familiar? Pinterest came up with a glorious solution for this, which will ultimately define itself as the social network for shopping. This change will benefit both customers and retailers; read more about this feature below. 

The different boards with pictures that you’ve pinned will now start to look like your shopping list. Users have already been able to use the visual search with the Lens camera before, but this new feature allows users to search for a specific item by taking a picture or upload a photo from their phone’s camera roll. 

Eventually, Pinterest will find the product you’re looking for or similar-looking items. Lens search results used to be limited to regular pins and links to retailers. Now, this extension comes with a new ‘shop’ tab in the search results. This way, people with purchase intentions can conduct a Lens search and easily find something similar to buy, or maybe even find the exact same product. To allow the customer journey to run as smoothly as possible, every shoppable pin links to the checkout page on a retailer’s site. To avoid sold outs, Pinterest only displays shoppable pins for in-stock products. 

Users who are looking for more specific products will have the option to filter their search results by brand. With the new Lens feature, you can effortlessly browse the online catalogues of retailers to discover new products you’ll love and which you are searching for. Hereby, retailers can retarget users who are already interested in their product but haven’t made the purchase yet. 

As a brand, how can you respond to this? According to Pinterest’s data, 90% of weekly users say they use the platform to make purchase intentions. Why not make it easier and more useful for your customers by buying your products directly from Pinterest and besides more profitable for your business? Further, 66% of the customers purchase something after seeing a brand’s pin. This addition is very beneficial for the fashion or home decor industry. Businesses will get the chance to start advertising more effectively on Pinterest and grow as a company in both revenue and awareness. 

We, from The Dot Society, can’t wait to implement this innovation in our digital marketing strategy! Keep you posted on results! 

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