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AR features on Instagram

If your brand uses Instagram for business, you’re probably already aware that Instagram Stories is a very effective way to engage with your younger audience. Using polling, questions and Instagram AR filters are fun and easy ways to engage those users. Did you know that about 62% of those people say that they are more interested in a brand or a product after seeing it in their Stories?

In 2019, Facebook created its own platform Spark AR, to allow augmented reality experiences on Instagram. With this tool, you can create your own AR filter or just use one from the built-in filters. 

Let’s have a look at their latest additions!

AR Music
Music is an important part of the whole Instagram experience. Just like in real life, music is used to express emotions and give meaning to certain moments. By adding music to your AR effects, this can have a valuable impact on your user engagement. Spark AR has now made it possible to create AR experiences that respond to music. You have two options, either upload your own music or choose a track from the free library (which contains a thousand tracks).

For example, if you’re introducing your new summer collection, you could add the latest popular summer songs to your product filters so that this would speak more to your customer’s imagination.
Who doesn’t automatically feel some vacation vibes when listening to Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, right?! 

Media Library

Another new Spark AR feature is the possibility to add AR effects to previously taken photos and videos. This way, you can reclaim meaningful or otherwise missed moments in a new, fun way.

If you own an online fashion shop, you could make filters of your most popular products so that people can use those effects to see how those products would look on them and maybe even buy them right on the spot!

Gallery Picker
In addition to the Media Library, Spark AR has also introduced the Gallery Picker which lets you create AR effects that people can then personalize with their own images. This way, people can transport themselves into any place that they want. They call it the “Green Screen Effect”.

For example, if you have recently opened your boutique or a pop-up store, you could make a filter where people can transport themselves into your shop and see what it’s all about. This way, they might be more triggered to actually visit your shop in real life!

AR Stickers Templates
In addition to the Spark AR Studio Templates, which are pre-designed AR effects that you can customize yourself, you can now find templates for 2D and 3D stickers as well. This way, you can create even better AR effects and much quicker.

For example, make a sticker from your own company logo and push your customers to use them in their stories. This way, you will boost your visibility!

Effect Stories & Effect Gallery
Effect Stories is a last new Instagram feature which makes it easier for creators of AR effects to see how people are using them. If you want your AR effects to be related to culturally relevant themes and moments, you can now use Effect Gallery as well.
The “Support small business” initiative during the COVID19 crisis, for example, was a huge success!

Try out some of these features and see what’s pushing the most engagement with your users. Have fun!

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