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How to use online marketing to enable offline sales ?

Online marketing cannot only make the difference for webshops, also for companies whose sales occur offline, online marketing can be used tactically. Read our top-5 tips :

  1. Make sure your business is found.
    There are several tools to use for this. Try a mix of SEO & SEA best practices. SEO will make sure you rank organically high on the google search page. In addition, you can use SEA or search engine advertisement: buy the keywords that are strategically important for your target group and appear at the top of the Google Search page with an ad. In addition, your company can register with Google my business so that people can easily consult your opening hours or leave a review.
  2. Make sure your online identity is a good reflection of your offline identity.
    All too often we come across companies that don’t pay enough attention to this. A potential customer who is doing some research on a future purchase will quickly be put off by a grey/non-significant website with little information. It is important to start from the customer’s perspective. In other words: “What information is my potential customer looking for?” and “What questions should the website answer?” If you’re going to work this way, you might be able to remove the customer’s last doubt. In addition, it could also enable the customer to be more informed about your product range and offerings before they come to your physical store. And once inside, they will proceed to purchase more quickly.
  3. Map out the customer journey
    What channels are your customers on and what kind of content are they looking for? Once you have mapped this out, you can tactically respond to it by adapting your content accordingly. The customer searches, you offer the answer, as simple as that.
  4. To measure is to know
    Even if you don’t have a webshop where you can measure real purchases, there are tons of information available that can be useful to measure. You can think about more “soft” conversions, like for example a click on the store locator page or filling out a contact form. On top of that, it’s useful to implement UTM tags on all online marketing activities, so you can map and analyse the impact of these traffic sources.
  5. Bet on online reviews
    Online reviews give you a certain credibility and trust online and can give potential customers just that extra push towards your business. Consumers often have more confidence in the experience and judgment of other people than in the message of brands or companies. In the past, for example, family, friends or local residents played a very important role in a purchase decision. Today, social media and online rating platforms allow us to easily access the experience of consumers around the world before making a purchase. Online reviews don’t just affect offline sales, their presence generally leads to higher conversion rates. Reviews are very important to gain the trust of potential customers.

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