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Prepare yourself for Mother’s Day

Looking at our marketing calendar, we can see that next week, on the 8th of May, we celebrate Mother’s day. The perfect occasion to use this seasonal event for a new strategy to create more brand visibility and invest more in the brand equity you’ve already built. Translate your brand values for your target audience into the right content for Mother’s Day and you will have a successful campaign. . 

We’ve come up with some marketing strategies for your Mother’s Day campaign. Read more below! 

Communicate with your brand values

The content you would create for Mother’s Day should be authentic to your brand. This is where you define the brand values and communicate them in a Mother’s Day context. Instead of saying, ‘Happy Mother’s Day, here’s 15% off’, we want to capitalize on a story around Mother’s Day. Think about your brand values and your mission. You can then use this to translate the action you want to get across to your customers into the way you create content around these events. 

Create awareness without discounting

Holidays and seasonal days are a perfect time to try new strategies such as contests and giveaways. This allows them to create a lot of awareness without distributing different discount codes every time. 

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for promoting a new product, collection, or bundling your best-selling products. Brands also consider giving away a free gift or something extra with every purchase. It is not only a lovely gesture but it also works very well among online shoppers. 

Give something extra or give the end-consumer the opportunity to write them a handwritten card to express your love. 

For example, ask consumers to tell them about their journey of motherhood and they will get the chance to win something. Include people in your messaging, and create an opportunity to interact with your community. 

We have a few other original ideas for your Mother’s Day campaign:

  • Create a Mother’s Day gift guide on your website. You can also extend this to your Instagram by creating a guide. (Read more in our article about Instagram guides
  • Use extra incentives to boost sales (free shipping, extra gift, coupon for your next purchase, etc.) 
  • “Share your favorite throwback photo with your mum and win…” .  
  • Give the customer the option to have the package they ordered sent to their mother. As an extra, the customer can leave a message at the checkout, which will be attached to the package as a card.
  • Combine this with a lead generation campaign: if you subscribe yourself on the newsletter, you will receive an additional gift in the week before Mother’s Day. 

If you have any questions considering your marketing strategy, the Dotters are here to help you. Good luck with your preparations!

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