On June 30th, we celebrate World Social Media Day, a day dedicated to the incredible impact social media has had on communication and marketing. At The Dot Society, every day is social media day, as we continually strive to enhance and optimize our client’s digital presence. Today, we want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we utilize our social media channels as a digital marketing agency.

Our Social Media Strategy

At The Dot Society, we take a holistic approach to our social media strategy. This means we focus on increasing our follower count and creating valuable, engaging, and shareable content. Our strategies are based on four pillars:

  1. Consistency and Branding
    We ensure all our posts are consistent with our brand identity. This includes using our signature colors, logos, and a uniform tone of voice. At the beginning of this year, we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a rebranding rollout across all platforms.
  2. Content Creation and Curation
    Our content is a mix of original creations and carefully curated content relevant to our target audience. This includes blog posts, infographics, videos, and client success stories.
  3. Interaction and Engagement
    Social media is not just about posting, but also about listening and responding. We take the time to respond to comments, questions, and messages from our followers. Our content aims to inform and entertain, leading to regular, enjoyable conversations with our followers.
  4. Analyzing and Optimizing
    We use analytical tools to track the performance of our posts. This helps us understand what works and what doesn’t, so we can continually improve our strategy.

Our Social Media Platforms

At The Dot Society, we understand that each social media platform is unique and requires a different approach. Therefore, we have developed a specific strategy for each platform to leverage its strengths optimally.

Are you following us on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, we focus on expertise and service-oriented content by sharing blog posts, client success stories, and insights from events to boost interaction with our clients and prospects.

Are you following us on Tiktok?

We use TikTok for entertainment and employer branding, showcasing the unique ‘Dot factor’ and our work culture through creative videos and behind-the-scenes content.

Are you following us on Instagram?

On Instagram, we emphasize brand building, informative posts, and community building through high-quality visuals in our posts, concise and engaging content in Stories, and behind-the-scenes looks via Reels. Today, our focus is primarily on Instagram Stories. Why? 70% of Instagram users view Stories daily, indicating that users regularly and consistently use this feature. It’s the perfect way to reach your followers.

Curious about our best-performing posts on each platform? 

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At The Dot Society, we continue to seek innovative and effective ways to use social media for growth and engagement. Each platform has its unique possibilities, and with a targeted approach, we can make the most out of each channel. Did you find this post interesting? Let’s work together and elevate your brand to new heights!

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