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The impact of marketing automation on the conversion of your webshop

The impact of email marketing automation on your conversion rate

Email marketing automation is all about making promotional campaigns an automated process. How is it useful? Automating emails saves you time in order to follow-up a potential customer when he abandons a cart, subscribes to your newsletter or is segmented as a VIP client . Apart from that, studies have shown that using marketing automation software leads to a 77 percent boost in conversions

At The Dot Society we are a partner from the marketing automation tool Klaviyo and we’ve already analysed and experienced the positive impact of marketing automation on the conversion rate of our clients. 

What are automated email flows? 

Email sequences—or workflows are a series of emails (minimum 2) that are sent to your email subscribers when they perform a specific action. They’re programmed to send emails according to any kind of condition—from something as simple as signing up to your list to upselling your client after buying a specific product. Implementing email workflows to automate your marketing is too good not to use. The benefits are incredibly higher than the cost of entry:

  • Email marketing automation provides the highest ROI among all the email channels
  • Closing sales on automatic gives you momentum to work on more critical, non-scalable work.
  • Allows you to segment your audience automatically.
  • It keeps your audience warm even when you’re away: Talk to your customers like you know them. Because you do!
How to increase conversion rates with marketing automation? 

      1. Level up your segmentation 

Add conditions to your segments around customer interests, locations, characteristics, and more to target your messaging. To gain these insights about your customers, ask them directly via email or forms, using their responses as profile properties. For example, a buying guide form allows you to collect a variety of details about what a customer is specifically looking for when browsing your store. Their answers can help you create targeted messaging directly pertaining to those interests.


      2. A/B test messaging 

A/B testing is a key asset to your Klaviyo toolkit, allowing you to uncover the content, send times, and subject lines that your audience responds best to. In an A/B test, you can create multiple variations of a campaign or flow email. These variations can show different copy and creative work to a subset of your audience to test what makes them more likely to convert. You can test both content and subject lines to learn what copy leads to higher conversions.


      3. Install marketing automation flows 

Flows are a great way to increase conversions. Once created and set-up carefully, they automatically email subscribers when they qualify for messaging. The key flows to have included to start: 

  • Welcome series: We see here on average a conversion rate of 2% 
  • Abandoned cart=  average conversion rate of 4% 

In particular, abandoned cart flows are crucial for increasing your conversion rate, as someone who genuinely wants to purchase from your store may abandon their cart for a variety of reasons. Sending them a reminder message, and even a discount to purchase, raises the likelihood that they will return to place an order. According to the Klaviyo Ecommerce Industry Benchmark Report for Abandon Carts, about 70% of carts are abandoned. Without this flow, you lose out on an abundance of potential conversions.

Other flows that can level up your account performance and increase conversion rates include:

  • Anniversary / birthday flows
  • Refer a friend flow
  • Winback flows

As seen in the digital trends for this year on a long term perspective, investments in marketing automation will be inevitable to invest in your brand loyalty & customer retention rate. More questions? Talk to one of the Dotters, to see if marketing automation is a fit for your business. 

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