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Selling new collection items on social media even better & faster

The winter sales are already over!

It seemed like selling old collections went smoothly for most stores, especially when they offered strong discounts. But what about the new collections that are already arriving in your store? Meanwhile, many people have become accustomed to online shopping and ordering their new outfits in their comfy outfit, nice and cozy from their sofa. Less and less people are making the effort to come to your store, possibly out of fear of being infected or simply because online shopping has become so easy. It’s clear that there’s a need for a different strategy. No worries, the Dotters are happy to give you a few strong tips to sell your new pieces on social media at full price AND even when the weather is bad!

Videos or photos?

It’s important to realize that people are going to have to decide at home whether to buy a certain product or not. So, the amount of information is extremely important here: how does it fit, what size should I take, what is the quality, how can I combine it,… These are all things the customer might wonder and therefore it’s really important to anticipate. The key here, of course, is to give honest advice. We noticed a huge difference between brands that broadcast all of this information in posts OR those who make a fun video about it. Why do videos work so well?

  • People are bored at home and want to be entertained
  • Everyone is on their own and want to feel a “connection” with others

Going live on Facebook or Instagram

In short: going live is the way to go! But why? Because you can engage in tremendous interaction with your viewers! For example, after the live video, you can look at the reactions one by one and elaborate on them. This way you have an even greater chance of generating extra purchases. 

Tip: It’s important to come across as very normal. People are not really waiting for “made up” situations.
Extra tip: Keep a clear rhythm in your live videos. Always go live at the same time of the day (for example at 10 am in the morning or around noon). That way, you create an expectation and people might even start to look forward to your live moments.

5-step plan for better sales

Suppose you can choose between an early or late delivery of new collection items. What would you choose? Many stores, these days, are going to choose for the latter. Mostly for fear of selling poorly (for example due to bad weather or because they notice less store traffic) and thus being left with a lot of surpluses. But here is where it goes wrong in our opinion. Instead, choose to have them delivered even earlier! Why? Because then consumers will buy these items from YOUR store instead of at a competitor. BUT, if you do, it’s very important to be on top of things: you have to be the first in your region to show this new delivery! 

How can you do this?

Step 1: Start promoting BEFORE the delivery arrives

Check with the brands when the delivery will arrive and what items to expect. The day before delivery, make a post and story on facebook and/or instagram with the lookbook photos. Also include how excited you are to have these items arrive tomorrow AND that you can reserve in advance if desired. Have people comment below your post or have them send a private message.

Step 2: Delivery in the house? Make a video or go live before you hang it on the racks

Give honest information, put on a few items and show the other ones as well. Tell how everything fits and which sizes you recommend, show how you can make fun combinations and give people a reason why they should buy it NOW. That way, you create urgency, something many people are sensitive to. For example by mentioning “that this is really going to be a bestseller” of “that it will sell out immediately as you have limited stock, so be fast”. 

You don’t even have to keep it to one video. Surprise people later with an additional video of the same delivery, but in a different setting, wearing different clothes or let by a different person.

Extra tip: If you would choose to go live, announce it in advance. That way, you are already going to “trigger” people and get them curious!

Step 3: Respond to all comments under your video/live as quickly as possible

We know this takes a lot of time, but believe us when we say it’s really worth it. If questions are asked, answer them. Nothing more unfortunate than chasing away potential buyers because they didn’t get any information about a particular product and might then purchase it somewhere else.

Step 4: Verify that all enthusiastic viewers have actually purchased

This is really the most crucial step and often one that is forgotten by many!

There were most likely many responses from people who may have been interested in a particular item. But, did they actually purchase it? If not, send them a private message!

Possibly, they were distracted again after the video and forgot about the purchase? Your message can be that extra trigger to remind them how much they liked that new outfit! 

Extra bonus: the more you send such people a private message, the more people will see your posts and stories from now on, since that is how the algorithm works!

Definitely worthwhile!

Step 5: Reinforce with ads

This way, not only your loyal fans, but also thousands of other people can see the new things you have to offer. This means also the customers of your competitors and even with a limited budget!

We, as digital performance experts, can help you with this. We provide a customized strategy to get the most out of your media budget. 

Enthusiastic to get started? We are very curious about your results!

Need any help? Check out our services and who knows we can take your business to the next level!

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