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Discover how you can capitalize on Pinterest Predicts 2022

It has been no longer a secret that we are fans of Pinterest. Not only because we can lose ourselves in it for hours for endless inspiration, but also because it is the perfect platform to be the first to spot new trends. Curious about what these trends might be and how you can capitalise on them? Let’s deep dive into the most relevant predictions per business type. 

Pop colours like never before

After a two year stay of Miss Rona, it’s time to paint the town red again. And this we do to the fullest, in a vibrant & colourful outfit. Think rainbows, electric blue and colour blocking all the way. How can you jump on this trend as a business? As a fashion brand, you better be ready to use plenty of colour in your ads & work with your most striking items. Don’t forget the accessories to complete the picture. But also within the beauty industry, you can work around this trend. Share the most gorgeous makeup tutorials that match a colourful outfit. And definitely don’t be afraid to direct these to any type of person: young, old, male, female, you can all join! And last but not least, for all interior brands out there: show your consumers how to upgrade a neutral interior with eccentric art and decor in bold colours & fun accents. 

Check, please

Remember, the old-skool checkerboard pattern, well you won’t be able to miss this in 2022. Because checks will be everywhere, from your favourite sweater to your home decor. We’ll all succumb to them. For all fashion & interior brands out there, it’s time to highlight your checked items. In fact, make them the IT item of the moment.

A little luxe never killed nobody

There is no discussion about the fact that in recent years we have spent more time at home. So planning a (small) luxurious makeover at home is certainly not a crime. And in this case, we don’t only talk about redecorating your bedroom or living room. Think also of the little places, from your toilet to your laundry room. Make those small, forgotten places just the eye catcher of your home. For all interior brands out there, it’s time to put your luxury items at front. 

Dreaming in paradise

An all-inclusive vacation, where you literally don’t have to lift a finger – always welcome if you ask us. And apparently we are not the only ones, because in 2022 we want to travel again to the most beautiful destinations where we can blissfully enjoy ourselves. But you can already start dreaming away to these wonderful vacations on Pinterest, right? 

Are you a travel brand? After two gloomy years, it’s your turn to show consumers the most beautiful & carefree vacation destinations. Let them drool. 

And who goes on vacation without a new outfit? Indeed, no one. As a fashion brand you can help your customers to pick their next favourite holiday outfit. Are you offering quick shipping for those last-minute trips. Don’t forget to highlight this USP.

Always start from your customer

Not a trend but it is an important approach that will ensure that your content always wins in Pinterest. A customer will hardly ever search directly for one specific product or even for the name of your product via Pinterest. So how can we make sure that the customer ends up with us? 

Well, work logically and find out in which general searches your product can fit. Are you selling the must-have lamp of the moment that would fit perfectly in a Scandinavian living room? Then this is the signal to include such generic themes in the copy of your pins. For example: how to style my Scandinavian living room? Be the partner in your customer’s search for his/her ideal purchase. 

After reading about these exciting trends, we can’t wait to get started on them with your company. Inspired to explore the paid field of Pinterest as well. Contact us for more information.

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