Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, yet everything will be different this year. After 2.5 years with Covid 19 and many restrictions, people are looking forward more than ever to parties, celebrating again, getting outside and being together. The holidays will be different: more dynamic, more personal and more exclusive than ever before. This year’s parties should be extra special to make up for previous years. That’s why people are willing to spend more and are searching inspiration more than ever to add new elements to their existing traditions.  


When we talk about inspiration, we think of Pinterest, the number one inspiration platform. Inspiration gives people ideas and at the same time moves people toward purchasing decisions. Mostly women look for new trends and inspiration through this platform. 

What sets Pinterest apart from other channels is that people on this platform are very open-minded. People may not know exactly what they are looking for when they land on Pinterest, but they know it when they see it. Therefore, 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, in other words not brand related. This gives different brands on Pinterest equal chances to be chosen. Pinterest provides 10x more branded searches outside the platform. Conclusion: A trigger moment occurs on this platform where people move from inspiration to realization and Pinterest actually helps making a decision.


Pinterest has “super shoppers” and “super gifters”. Pinterest shoppers are different: they are always shopping and spend larger amounts while shopping. To reach Pinterest shoppers, here are some important tools to get the most out of Pinterest for your business:

  • Timing is key. Start creating boards that are inspiring for the holiday season. The earlier the better the results. People make their shopping lists before the holidays: you want to make sure your pins are on them. For example, an interior design brand can focus on end-of-year gifts while a clothing brand can focus on party outfits.
  • Create idea pins with gift tips (take a look at our article on idea pins).
  • Include important keywords and hashtags related to Christmas and year-end celebrations or gift ideas in the new pins.
  • Capitalize on multiple small moments such as, for example, an advent calendar, last minute gifts, etc. By capitalizing on these different trends and topics, you can increase your target audience and reach more people with your offerings.  

Source: Pinterest Webinar Holiday Season Q4

Finally, ads in inspirational environments like Pinterest can also lead to meaningful results. Inspiring platforms drive decisions, and when people feel inspired, they are also more likely to take action. So whether you’re working on brand awareness, consumer trust or conversions, the decisions you make today determine tomorrow.  Therefore, thanks to Pinterest, we have a new ROI: Return On Inspiration.

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