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New kid on the block: Facebook & Instagram Shops

Do you have an online shop?

Are you also selling your products through your social media channels?

Are you ready to upgrade your online selling experience?

Was your answer YES to all of these questions? Awesome!
Time to stop what you were doing and continue reading this article because we have some very interesting news for you.
Facebook recently introduced its latest addition to its online platform features: Shops.

Shops is a virtual, easy-to-use and customizable online store where your customers can browse, explore and purchase your products. Shops will help you sell your products on Facebook and Instagram even better and easier than before.

What’s so great about this new feature?

  1. You can manage both your Facebook & Instagram shops in one place: Commerce Manager. Talk about a win-win situation!
  2. There are lots of design features and creative tools so that you can bring your brand to life in your own unique way. This way, your brand can really stand out from the crowd! 
  3. You can drive scale on a global level: customers can access your shop from four different places: your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, your Instagram Shopping ads or your shoppable posts and stories.

Okay, so you know the benefits now. But you are probably wondering: how and where do I get started? To make this process as easy as possible, we’ve summed up all of the necessary steps for the complete set-up of this great feature. 

Oh, did we already mention it’s a free feature?  Yes, you’ve heard it.

We can already feel your excitement!

Can’t wait to try this out? Go through all of these steps and boost your business now.

Not feeling completely confident to manage this yourself? No worries, we – as Facebook and Instagram experts – are happy to guide you along the way. Reach out to us and let’s grow digital together!

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