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Impact IOS 14 on Facebook advertisement

What’s changing in the IOS 14 update that has an impact: 

With the release of iOS 14, Apple will limit the ability for Facebook to have an insight on client data & client behaviour. They will limit the possibilities of conversion tracking events on the website. As Facebook & Instagram advertisement is super effective and important for all our clients, we immediately take action on this matter! No panic, we’ve got you covered and will guide you through the process. The most important message to everyone is to be aware of the direct, but also indirect impact of your social media campaigns. Once running a kick-ass campaign, you will notice the effects on your organic & direct traffic and on your revenu. It is all about maintaining the bigger picture and the total customer journey. 

Impact in a nutshell: 

  • Limited conversion tracking
  • Change of attribution window 
  • Targeting limitations

What will be affected for Facebook advertising? 

Conversion events limitation 

Before the IOS 14 update, it was possible to set-up as many conversion events as you want for your campaigns. In the new normal, it’ll be restricted to 8 events per domain. On top of that, you’ll need to prioritize each of your conversion events in order of importance.

Important note: for the most of the cases, 8 conversion events are already sufficient to generate enough audiences, so impact will be limited. We can now prioritize our events. 

Impact of change in attribution window

There are some changes in the conversion window. Before, we had a 28 days conversion window. This means when a user clicks your ad and converts within 28 days, it was attributed as a conversion on ads manager. Now, this window moved to a 7-day click or view.

This means the ads manager won’t be able to calculate conversions after the first 7 days of an ad campaign. So the conversions after the first week won’t show up in the ads manager, which will cause misleading results such as an increase in CPA (cost per acquisition) or decreasing ROAS (return on advertising spend).

It also depends on your product type. If you have more of an impulse offer or product category, we won’t see dramatic changes. However if you have a complex business, where lead time is much longer, we will see an effect in our Facebook business manager. 

However, we always see the bigger picture and evaluate conversions in google analytics. With that, the indirect CPAs will be more important. 

Impact on targeting & look-a-like audiences 

To create a lookalike audience on Facebook Ad Manager, advertisers need 100 people who triggered the same event in 7 days. As we will have to deal with limited data, it will possibly cause lower quality of custom & lookalike audiences. We always tell our clients that your own database & CRM system data is key. We can use those audiences to generate look-à-like customers. 

How The Dot Society will guide you through this process: 

If you need more information or the help to guide you through this process: don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Important to keep in mind

  • Evaluate impact of your campaigns in other tools like google analytics 
  • Pull even more data out of the CRM system and focus on generating qualitative leads 
  • A/B testing will remain super crucial to define best practices and scale-up
  • Be aware of the indirect impact of your social media advertisement. Once running a campaign you will see the impact on your reach, your organic & direct traffic and on your results. 

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