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2022, you where challenging but absolutely worth it.

Hello 2023, the start of this new year means saying goodbye to 2022. It’s time to look back at the past year and boy, what a journey it has been! Read along for our 2022 highlights. 

It’s an understatement: ‘the unexpected’ has definitely become the new normal. The economy has never been more inherent to so many changes than in the last couple of years. The covid pandemic and unimaginable lockdowns forced all of us to go digital; accelerating the innovation and adoption of digital commerce by half a decade. While recovering from supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine added some additional fuel to the fire. As a result of this economic instability inflation levels went through the roof, which means we saw buying power slowly decreasing over the course of 2022. As business partners we managed to stay flexible, agile and adapt along with the market needs. Rethinking our digital strategies every step of the way with direct impact on the bottom line is what mattered and what we continue to do successfully. 

With traditional paid media channels becoming oversaturated, it became more difficult to stand out of the crowd and to realise double digit growth numbers. Exploring new channels in order to get our brands additional reach led us to become absolute Marketplaces, Pinterest & TikTok masterminds. As buying power started decreasing and customer acquisition costs slowly started increasing companies were forced to look at other growth formulas. We at The Dot Society started leveraging data in a more profound way, and managed to guide our clients through the roll out of complex yet impactful marketing automation and segmentation strategies. We even became the 3th agency within Belgium that was accredited with the Klaviyo Gold Partner badge; speaking of milestones, yay! This allowed our brands to leverage continuous growth from existing clients and to strengthen the relationship even further. As you may guess it right: in times of economic recession people tend to get a bit less loyal if a competing brand comes with a more price friendly alternative. 

What’s even more delightful and perhaps a bit contradicting is the fact that the uncertainty also brought us unity. Unity in our strong corporate culture; as an army we stood by each other to take on any challenge yet seek out any opportunity that was thrown at us.  But also unity in the strong relationships with the clients who have trusted us from the start and continued to achieve rapid growth. 

2022 was the year of a couple of first-timers. Our very first Dot event took place; bringing together our clients and industry peers to share knowledge and insights was a truly rewarding experience for all participants! Stay tuned as we’ll be back this year with and we promise it will be even BIGGER and BETTER ;-). Next to that we went aboad for our very first Dot trip, besides a whole lot of fun, laughter and loads of good food we strengthened our teamspirit and further layed out the foundations on how we can improve our service quality even more. Cause happy clients is what unites and drives us. 

With the growth journey of our clients we ourselves also had quite a ride; welcoming 3 new Dotters to our team. Onboarding young entrepreneurial people who simply thrive to get our clients to where they want to be just feels absolutely amazing. Thanks to a backbone of strong company processes and a knowledge-sharing culture we were able to make it happen. Today our Dotters are more than ready to turn the next page. 

We firmly believe that expertise, passion, a critical mind and agility will be the cornerstones of 2023 successes, and may that exactly be what you can expect from us as your growth partner. Buckle up, 2023 incoming and we are more than ready! 


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