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2021 Prepare yourself for festive season

First of all, we were wondering if you already downloaded The Dot Society checklist to prepare for the Holiday season. If not, no worries, but please hurry cause peak season has just started. What you can find in the checklist? The most important & busiest moments in Q4, a preparation checklist and additional tips.

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In this article we want to guide you through how to elaborate Facebook & Instagram for the upcoming Festive Season . In particular we will give concrete recommendations on the following fields: 

  • Create experiences that are engaging and easily shoppable
  • How can you make shopping as seamless as possible
  • If you are omnichannel: use digital to drive customers to sales in-store with offline conversions

Create experiences that are engaging and easily shoppable 

Attract shoppers’ attention and create immersive experiences with Stories ads. These are engaging full-screen ads that feature images, videos or carousels and appear between Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Use Ads Manager, to run Stories ads to different persona’s and test multiple ad types and visuals. 

Use live shopping to bring the best of the store online, by having sales experts offer real-time advice, product demos and retail-tainment. This is an exciting way to promote new products and limited-time offers for key shopping moments. Create anticipation and excitement for limited-edition products or small collections that won’t be restocked using Instagram Drops. Meet the demands of an always-on shopper with small-batch launches and anticipated releases to make products feel more special and desirable.

Use instagram reels to announce drops and expand your reach to new customers. Reels is a relatively new tool in Instagram and you will be rewarded with additional reach if you test out the placement! 

Make shopping seamless 

Help your products find the right people. Facebook dynamic ads are designed to connect the right products to people, automatically displaying products to shoppers who have expressed an interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere online. Upload a product catalogue and set up your campaign. It will update pricing and availability automatically. 

Update your facebook & instagram shops with the latest recommended festivity collection and make sure your catalogue is linked, so people will end up immediately on the product page in order to shorten the customer journey. 

Omnichannel recommendations 

Offline conversions allows you to reach people offline and display ads based on the actions they take in store. You can also create lookalike audiences to deliver Facebook ads to people who are similar to your in-store customers. Make sure you update your google my business page with the latest opening hours and new posts around your newest arrivals and gift ideas. Furthermore, install buttons on your website in order to make the navigation to your shop easy and in that way we can track route navigation to your store. Last but not least you can run ads specifically with the goal in order to maximize directions to your store.

Good luck!

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