The Dot Academy


With 2022 around the corner it’s time to look back at the past year and boy, what a journey it has been! What marked our agenda in 2021? 

As in 2020 uncertainty yet again was a central cornerstone for 2021. Going from lockdown modus to reentering the gates of society, consumer behaviour was put up to a rollercoaster ride. From servicing clients mainly through digital touch points to clients craving ‘real life experiences’ again. As business partners we managed to stay flexible, agile and adapt along with the market needs. Rethinking our digital strategies every step of the way with direct impact on the bottom line is what mattered and what we continue to do successfully. 

With traditional paid media channels becoming oversaturated, it became more difficult to stand out of the crowd and to realize double digit growth numbers. Exploring new channels in order to get our brands additional reach led us to become absolute Pinterest & TikTok masterminds. As said, paid media acquisition alone won’t do the trick any longer. We started levering data in a more profound way, and managed to guide our clients through the roll out of complex yet impactful marketing automation and segmentation strategies. 

What’s even more delightful and perhaps a bit contradicting is the fact that the uncertainty also brought us unity. Unity in our strong corporate culture; as an army we stood by each other to take on any challenge yet seek out any opportunity that was thrown at us. But also unity in the strong relationships with the clients who have trusted us from the start and continued to achieve rapid growth. 

With the growth journey of our clients we ourselves also had quite a ride; doubling our team in just one year. Onboarding young entrepreneurial people who simply thrive for getting our clients to where they wanted to be just felt absolutely fantastic. Thanks to a backbone of strong company processes and a knowledge-sharing culture we were able to make it happen. Today our Dotters are more than ready to turn the next page. 

We firmly believe that expertise, passion, a critical mind and agility will be the cornerstones of 2022 successes, and may that exactly be what you can expect from us as your growth partner. Buckle up, 2022 incoming and we are more than ready!

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