the Klaviyo Klicks Awards, an exclusive program for over 40,000 EMEA Klaviyo customers, offer a unique opportunity for brands and marketing agencies using Klaviyo to showcase their campaigns and vie for a place among the top 3. We’re excited to share that The Dot Society team has earned a spot on this prestigious list for their remarkable Verso Black Friday strategy campaign.

Verso – About

Verso Antwerp is a renowned high-end multibrand boutique located in Belgium, with physical stores in Antwerp and Knokke, as well as an online presence at . The ultimate objective at Verso is to offer an unparralled shopping experience to their esteemed customers, characterized by exceptional personal styling advice and access to an extensive selection of luxury brands from around the world.

Black Friday goals

As we approach the exciting period of Black Friday in November, our team & Verso embarke a strategic campaign to elevate the exclusivity of their online stores into an extraordinary online experience. Our primary goal during Black Friday is always twofold:

  • First: to expand our customer database and gather new e-mail addresses
  • Secondly: to transform the traditional perception of Black Friday into a sophisticated and high-end event that enables offline conversion.


In terms of our strategy for the pre-access period of Black Friday, we orchestrate a 10-day lead generation campaign through Meta. This campaign strategically target potential customers and entices them to join our early bird list. Simultaneously we reach out to our existing clients via email, providing them with a unique link to an embedded form, allowing them to subscribe and gain access to the exclusive pre-access benefits.

As the countdown begins, all subscribers, who have joined the pre-access receive a carefully crafted e-mail four days prior to the event start. This e-mail serves as a golden ticket, granting them early access.

Omnichannel approach

We firmly believe in the power of the Verso physical luxurious stores. Our experience has shown that when a customer is initially attracted via Klaviyo, our preferred marketing platform, and later visits the store, the conversion rate is notably higher in the offline environment. The objective is to effectively inform and engage customers through Klaviyo, ultimately leading them to convert offline. To accomplish this, we have implemented a seamless technical integration with the cash register system, enabling us to track the attributed revenue of e-mail accurately.


  • Meta proved to be a highly effective advertising platform for Verso during the Black Friday campaign, with a remarkable cost per lead of only €1,69.
  • We’ve successfully signed up 1.277 new subscribers
  • The pre-access period, spanning from 21st to November 24th generated substantial revenue for Verso, both offline and online (150% higher than an average week).
  • Impressive open rate of 57,3% and click-through rate of 12%.