How Gofluo managed to grow online with 100% compared to last year (2020) by defining and implementing the correct online media mix. Gofluo is growing rapidly and Julie Vets has a clear vision of where to go with Gofluo for the next five years. The Dot Society works as a strategic online partner for Gofluo and is responsible for reaching the ambitious e-commerce targets by gaining insights in the data, setting up social media advertising and defining the next steps.


It all started with a clear mission: how to ban all those ugly fluo safety jackets from the street?

Julie Vets started Gofluo 5 years ago and knew tremendous growth in 2020 with a clear vision, strategy & online marketing planning.

The Dot Society works as a strategic partner for Gofluo since mid-2019 and developed the online strategy for 2019-2022 with clear growth targets. We worked out the paid media plan, set media budgets, and implemented the Facebook & Instagram ads.


Analysing of historical data , gain insights around main traffic sources, customer demographics and behaviour.

Setting targets and define media budgets needed for the paid channels. We optimize cost per click and cost per purchase to maximize ROI.

Defining the correct persona’s, based on age, location and interest. We target different types of potential customers in different demographic areas on the correct channels.

With the help of the creative team at Gofluo, we set up and test different ad types and copy to speak with the right message to the right customer in the correct phase in the conversion funnel.

First of all we’ve defined a marketing strategy for Gofluo. What data do we want from our customers? When do we want them to sign-up? How can we define the correct segments? Which automated flows do we want to set-up with which type of communication? Since Q4 2021 the first flows are live for Gofluo and we see already strong increased results.


Growth (%) per country vs Y-1


Julie Vets – Founder of Gofluo

“The Dot Society helps me with growing our online sales and brand awareness to become the go-to urban city brand for all the biking or sportive necessities. In 5 years time, we want to be present in more than 15 countries. After gaining enough data in a sufficient amount of urban cities in the world (from Boston to Taiwan) we will set our strategy together for international expansion in 2022. “

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