Meet The Team

Meet The Team: Chloë Pauwels

In a few sentences, one can describe me as:

Hi, my name is Chloë Pauwels. A driven, cheerful and ambitious young lady who goes full steam ahead for her dreams and goals. I joined The Dot Society in June 2020 as Digital Business Consultant & I am glad to be a true Dotter today. Before this job, I was already active in the fashion industry as a marketing assistant & I deepened my knowledge in the entrepreneurial field during my Masters Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School.

I love working at the Dot Society because…

Working here is like striving for one common goal together with a group of friends every day. We all have our own capacities and are happy to assist each other where necessary. In addition, I find it fantastic to give myself 200% for our clients: deep dive into the data, develop strategies, set goals … and above all achieve the goals together! That’s what it’s all about, and that’s also the reason why I leave for work with a big smile on my face, day in and day out.

I ended up at the Dot Society via…

A comment of one of my professors at Antwerp Management School via LinkedIn. The industry, job description and profile required immediately gave me the jitters in my stomach, and I undoubtedly applied (a real go-getter :-) ). A decision I am still very happy with to this day.

When I’m not working you can probably meet me here:

On a walk with my dogs. I cannot hide my enormous love for dogs and I also think that my immediate surroundings will confirm this. I can be truly happy from hugging or playing with them. Besides the fact that they are extremely cute, I also think it’s great that they are completely carefree and literally always in a good mood. Sometimes I can think infinitely and find no rest, and by looking into their eyes for a moment I quickly realize that I need to get back to myself and enjoy everything and everyone around me.

the most important digital marketing challenge in 2021

The role of digital marketing in finding the ideal combination between online and physical store experiences. It is widely known that the customer shopping experience in 2021 won’t return to the pre-covid situation. The ease of use of online shopping has become an important part of the shopping experience, and the overall customer experience now comes in all possible sizes & varieties. The entire retail industry is evolving more and more towards an omni- or multichannel environment. That’s why it is crucial to create one uniform message and appearance both offline and online, where you can create a single ecosystem through the different environments.