Meet The Team

Meet The Team: Caroline De bruyn

Introduce yourself and what you do in a few sentences? 

Hi, I’m Caroline, Co-founder of The Dot Society. A social being, entrepreneurial spirit and optimist. Opportunities are here to take and I truly believe that your capacities reach further if you have a true passion for your job and believe in yourself. With this mindset and well-thought business plan, we started The Dot Society 2 years ago. In June our first employees joined the company, which was by far the highlight of this incredible journey. 

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day? 

I have to admit that after a busy day I often forget to pause and just keep on working. However, we realized that after hectic times, it is super important to recharge, take a step back and reflect. Only with a clear mind, we can rethink situations, plan the next move and grow. My favourite way to unwind is to have a great diner, go for a small walk and read a good book. Absolutely anything with no screen time involved and therefore I close my computer/cell phone and just enjoy the company. 

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

On the one hand, I’m a social being and never miss a social event (light version of FOMO), but on the other hand I’m kind of geeky. Love playing board games, puzzling, organizing quizzes, reading books and learning something new on a daily basis. Cause-effect: my passion for performance marketing and analyzing the numbers of clients. 

Must-read book: 

This book was written 80 years ago, so it’s not female friendly, but the principles from THINK and GROW rich are super relevant to me. 13 principles that will make you more aware of all the opportunities lying in front of you. I always want to elevate the best in people and I truly believe that the one thing that stops you from reaching your goal is your doubting mindset or your own negative thoughts. I love to maintain the same principles for The Dot Society. We can cross barriers together if we just believe in ourselves and what we can reach! Another good book is Shoe Dog from Phil Knight. 

Opportunities to take in 2021 : 

During every crisis there occur some important opportunities. People will reflect after 10 years and will conclude that the opportunities in this digital world were lying in front of them. What makes me happy to hear from clients, that the “good thing” about the covid-crisis is the fact that they were abruptly stopped from their daily routine and forced to rethink their business model. Shift your business model to the needs of the daily consumer, make it omnichannel (if possible) and think mobile first! (more than ever)