Casper managed to launch the first hybrid kitchen concept in Belgium. Casper aims to conquer the delivery market with quality comfort food at reasonable prices. They have created several food brands to meet the needs of different tastes and placed Casper as a quality label on top. The Dot Society has worked with them on the set-up and implementation of a holistic digital strategy. Main goal: to get this virtual brand the right market-fit and scale up sales month after month.


Casper has a clear first-mover advantage when it comes to the dark kitchen concept in Belgium. In 2020 they launched their first 3 dark kitchens in Ghent, Leuven, and Antwerp and immediately had an aggressive acquisition approach whereby they replicated the concept to other cities.

Together with the Casper team we’ve defined buyers personas and tailored our digital marketing strategy to those personas with regards to channels they are active on messages and content that speaks to them specifically.

Next to that we’ve developed a digital blueprint on how to launch in new cities vs. how to maintain a loyal customer base in more mature cities and boost sales even further.

This all with a data-first approach, whereby we continuously test and learn and improve our strategy, content and framework. We also help them translate the data into concrete action points and are continuously working on improvements in the customer journey.

Whereby we really look at the 360° approach and thus online and offline channels simultaneously as they really go hand in hand to get the best experience for the end consumer.


As Casper was a new concept there was no historical data available. We based our strategy on extensive market research and deployed a flexible set-up, wherein it was possible to quickly change course as we acquired data & insights. Learn and optimize as we go.

Setting targets and define media budgets needed for the paid channels. For more mature locations we optimize on cost per purchase to maximize ROI. For the launch of new locations we look at unique reach, the traction we get and CPA.

Defining the correct persona’s, based on age, location and interest. We target different types of potential customers in different demographic areas on the correct channels.

We use the data and insights to determine the content that works best and brief the creative agency and photographer on how to improve the content to make even more impact.


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